Far Cry 4 [Part 11] – Fly Boy

Ajay seems like he needs to get around fairly quickly, thank goodness all these helicopters are laying around. Nothing bad could come of this…

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20 thoughts on “Far Cry 4 [Part 11] – Fly Boy

  1. hey jesse for those hard to reach propoganda posters you can use the repair torch to set them on fire without wasting a moltov

  2. I am glad I am not the only who had way to much finding the mask at the drop point that was on the boat.

  3. The "year of a million subs" outro is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Your avatar is so cuuuuuute! 

  4. "There was a tiger… Eating some dudes!… And everyone died…"

    "That's okay!"

    – Jesse Cox, 2014

  5. wow. the full blooded american is a racest ass whos litteraly there just because he wants to shoot shit……..
    thanks for that Ubisoft

  6. This episode kind of brings up a good point with the whole "I do not speak your language!" Thing. Are the other characters all speaking another language? Is Ajay bilingual and they just present everything in English instead of using subtitles?

  7. Ajay Ghale: naturally competent with high powered weapons, bows, and combat in general. Can not figure out how to roll if he falls a few feet. What the fuck.

  8. Shouldn't radio towers be the first thing you do when you go to a new section, seems..kinda obvious to me. Guess just what i would do.

  9. I spent way too much time trying to get that poster, I'm kinda ashamed I gave up on it and didn't think of using a Molotov cocktail till way later on, yet just Jesse thought of it pretty quickly. 

    Well thats my street cred out the window.

  10. Okay, so my video suddenly stopped working right after you threw the flame into the room. It was hilarious.

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