Mass Effect Ingame Galaxy Map Video

Ok here is one of many videos that is posting tonight of Mass Effect. This one is of the galaxy map for Mass Effect.

BTW the controls are not a bad as they look, my video card lags so it was a little awkward for me to move around.

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20 thoughts on “Mass Effect Ingame Galaxy Map Video

  1. I dunno why some people dislike this video. Since 0:06 is perfect: That emotional main menu, the normandy and the galactic map…

  2. @gammazoni Sound propagates through air as a pressure wave. There is no air in space, space is a vacuum, so there is no sound in space. But it's a game, if it was silent in that part, it would just be weird (the mass effect gate's energy probably was enough for the sound to use as a medium) =)

  3. @WalrusGuyMEMORIAL I'm hearing that people that use the crack have trouble saving and with the galaxy map. Also, people that have they My Documents folder in a different drive than their install or something.

  4. @CarlosIsDown Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz,
    3070MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT. Works perfectly fine

  5. @WalrusGuyMEMORIAL What are your system specs? I have Binary Graphix M11x and Duo Core 1.3GHz processor overclocked to 1.73Ghz and I get errors after I take control of the Normandy. Especially when I go to the galaxy map, but also during other times in the Normandy.

  6. @gammazoni Just for effect. It happens in almost all movies and games that take place in space!! It's directors take license to bend the rules of physics many times in film, tv, and videogames.

    You hear the explosion and spaceship engines in Metroid games too.

  7. I dont know what your talking about, I'm a man and I made a male character…. but us men aren't as sexist as women are so I guess we dont care

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