Multiplayer Mayhem! – Giana Sisters Dream Rush

What better way to determine which of the three is the best video game player, than by running little girls repeatedly to their deaths over and over! It’s Multiplayer Mayhem!
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18 thoughts on “Multiplayer Mayhem! – Giana Sisters Dream Rush

  1. he said its kinda like speed runners ..its exactly the same its the same damn game with different graphics 

  2. Thanks for the video guys.  Good fun.  Though Jirard cheeseball'd you by not mentioning he had figured out how to use speed boost, while no one else did until the very last game.

  3. I think they should do a Game Dev Tycoon final showdown, each of them makes one game and who ever makes the most money off that game is the ultimate winner. Jesse would win that one.

  4. well… my last name is dunston… thank you for those horrible flashbacks from that stupid movie…. sad times

  5. Jesse, don't you feel weird there are all sorts of things the players are using and you are not? Press buttons bro, press buttons. XD

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