Office 2016 For Free, Do All AntiVirus Apps Spy? Best Cheap GPU, Concert Earplugs, Verify SD Cards

Office 2016 For Free, Do All AntiVirus Apps Spy? Best Cheap GPU, Concert Earplugs, Verify SD Cards

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Office 2016:
Office 365 Planner:

Nexus 5x and 6p:

“My current pc needs a video card. It’s old AMD HD6450 is the bottleneck in the system. What would be a good replacement in the 0 +- category? I just installed Windows 10 and the system has a quad core AMD Phenom II 840T, 12gb RAM, and a Corsair 750W PSU.
The Radeon HD6450 vs GeForce GTX750Ti:
The GeForce GTX950 vs GeForce GTX 750Ti:
The Radeon R7370 vs GeForce GTX750Ti:

@toddstallard tweeted “@patricknorton What are some good earplugs for going to a concert? Reusable preferred. I have a concert in Nov and need a good pair.”
V-Moda Faders VIP:
2 Doppler Labs Dubs:
Dubs Tech:
L!veMusic HearSafe Ear Plugs:
Etymotic Research ER20 ETY-Plug:

AVG Free Antivirus has a new privacy policy!:
Avast Free Antivirus:
Avast’s Privacy Policy:
Panda Security:
Panda’s Privacy Policy:
Go Linux! Why You Don’t Need an Antivirus on Linux:
Malware Bytes:

Bobby Parnell tweeted, “you have any recommendations on starting up a hackerspace?”
Starting your own:

Testing Speedtest Sites!

Luzrfreak asks: @TekThing best music management program? Got 55k song (dj) and want to ensure easy to find and correctly metadata and such. Thoughts?
Lifehacker’s Alan Henry “Best Apps for Automatically Cleaning Up Your Music:
MusicBrainz Picard:

“I just found out the SD cards I purchased from online are invalid using SD insight app. I do not live near a big box store and need to purchase online replacement SD cards for my family’s phones. Do you recommend location online where I can get Trusted and valid cards?
PS the cards were purchased from Ebay.”
SD insight app:

Do Something Analog!
Go to a renaissance festival:

20 thoughts on “Office 2016 For Free, Do All AntiVirus Apps Spy? Best Cheap GPU, Concert Earplugs, Verify SD Cards

  1. +TekThing just use Ninite for any free software install, installs only the program with no extras and does it without asking you anything. You can make a list of programs you want to get/install and you will get the small installer file.
    If you want to install programs with the ninite installer you do need a internet connection because the installer is just a clean and simple download and install tool.
    Have used it for years on many computers and can confirm that it's clean from any "bad"ware and i really do reccomend it, have made my life easyer 🙂
    (i do still install few of their listed programs seperetly because of the bonuses you get by referring)

    And Shannon yes you do need a antivirus on linux 😉 (and Avast has a Linux version too have used it).

    [Posted on FF,Gnome,Fedora]

  2. amazon is not 100% safe either safer than ebay but still there are fakes and bad batches on amazon too.

    sandisk actually had a huge bad batch in about 2011 nearly every card sold for 6 months had high fail rates.

  3. I find Bitdefender to be my top free recommendation. But now with Windows 10, I am going with Avira due to Bitdefender free not fully compatible with windows 10.

  4. You may want to recommend Unchecky to people as it will automatically uncheck all those boxes on installs to stop them installing all the additional junk. I install it on all friends and families PC's and support calls have reduced significantly 😉

  5. Bunnie Huang did a great blogpost on counterfeit SD cards called "On MicroSD Problems". It's a pretty good read. Love the show.

  6. Thank you guys for the video card answer! It's been too long since I've messed with PC's. I'm a nontraditional student but when funds are available I'll donate a little.

  7. SD Cards and Flash Drives can be purposely corrupted to have invalid file sizes. I took a risk on a 1TB thumb drive for something like $40. I tested it and it would store around 430MB of storage and then say that there was a writing error. After running some flash drive tester for Windows, it saw it as a 512MB flash drive with unrecoverable errors, so it could not repair it. Luckily the seller stated in the ad that a refund was available for the first 14 days.

  8. Video Card response. If his motherboard is an older one, it may not have PCIe 3.0. That means that the results are a little skewed. PCIe 3.0 has nearly 16GB/s compared to PCIe 2.0's near;y 8GB/s. So some of those bar will be incorrect. Although I do agree with a GeForce 750 which is what I have. Most games will not run above 720p with Low/Medium graphics 1080p with Low (if your lucky) on a PCIe 2.0 board.

  9. But will it tell me what is a page break? There is so much in office that is over my head. Would be nice to learn more as I try to do it.

  10. I use OpenOffice on my iMac, Linux and Win7 systems. Thunderbird for email on the Linux and Win7 and Apple Mail on the iMac.
    Patrick – any word on when the i7 Skylake devices going to be available for the BYO crowd????

  11. I found Avast Free & AVG Free (even there paid) to MISS ALOT of Infections (there morphed Co-infections & backups)

    Avira free does better than both of them

    You only need to see the Virus bulletin RAP 100 Test

    anything scoring below 90% You might as well call your Computer a Posh Club for infections with a useless picky bouncer at the door

    under 80% Your Computer It a Virus – Free for all Buffet [ this is where you uninstall you poor scoring AV due its not protecting you at all]

    You know you can send file to a website to scan them with antivirus scanners and VS them ALL

    Anyway the best AV Solution is to have more than one – about 3 good scoring and you switch between them every 3 months you run with one then uninstall run another for 3 months uninstall and switch to your last one

    that or use a VM using throw away Sandboxes

    Or you Find 3 that play nicely together yet you make one of them the Active scanner and the other 2 only manual scanning (No active Scan) and rotate them each week. oddly i found this way does not slow down my pc or screw it up

  12. One thing i never understood,a big majority of people just surf the web and read E- Mail on a home PC, why dont these people use Linux?
    I have been a Linux user for 20 +years currently on open SUSE as well as Windows , i never surf in windows, i game on windows as well as use Autocad and Solidworks for my job, but the question remains, why dont the average surfers just use Linux? What the heck PC Linux is perfect for the beginner..personally Ubuntu just got bloated for me, i like open SUSE but it may not be good for beginners.

  13. what do you guys do with retired computers? you tell ppl what to get but what about getting rid of outdated hardware?

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