Spotted: A fresh FJ55 Landcruiser (1967 – 1980)

Spotted: A fresh FJ55 Landcruiser (1967 - 1980)

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20 thoughts on “Spotted: A fresh FJ55 Landcruiser (1967 – 1980)

  1. A lot of people here in the US like thouse, you cannot buy a used one for a resonable price because they hold their value so well.

  2. Four wheel drive is designed to get you stuck in worse situations than the ones you'd get stuck in with two wheel drive LOL I never had one or needed one…

  3. Yeah, they're pretty nice, but really bad on gas, though. I prefer driving a bit off the ground, personally. My vision at night sucks, and I can't see to drive in a small car at night, so I have to drive something a bit off the ground.

  4. A lot do. No-one in my family though. Pleanty of stuff makes my homesick. Not this car though. Actually, maybe all old cars do.

  5. Ahh, yes. I do like the look of those new Toyota FJ Cruisers. Surprising to me 'cause I'd much prefer to be driving a lot closer to the ground.

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH does this make you homesick for the Outback? I imagine in my mind that all Australians drive these.

  7. Very cool example. My grandfather had one like this in red. Great car for trips.

    I'd rather have a ragtop Land Rover Defender though 🙂

  8. I've used my grandfathers Ford F160 pickup to pull logs/scrap cars around the property, but thats it really. I've been off roading in my Subarus though, light off roading. Went out once in some deep snow with a couple other Subaru owners. I ended up being the tow car because they were running summer tires still, and I had a brand new clutch, and tires.

  9. Very cool! A few years ago in the US, Toyota remade these and called it the FJ Cruiser. I'm not sure if it was specifically made just for the US or if it was also released in Japan. I think the headlights are similar in this model and the recent model.

  10. i was going to mention the same thing as well… i;ve only seen split liftgate models here in canada when they were still around.

    i am clueless about the grille on the left side… generator?

  11. 4wd Story? Not too much from me, just had a few out of nessesity (Canadian Winters), it can be a life saver in the snow and ice, but the Jeep cherokee's were bad for spinning out on black ice…

  12. Ahh, I see what your saying about the rear doors. Did you happen to see the left, rear quarter? What do you think might be going on under that grille?

    Steering wheel on the wrong side, please!

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