STOCK TRADE SETUP: PCLN Weekly Overbought Options Trading Education (PCLN) STOCK TRADE SETUP: PCLN Weekly Overbought Options Trading Education. Priceline reported great earnings and the stock has been moving to all time highs since the report.

We were long the name going into the knee-jerk reaction WATCH Live After Hours Trading PCLN Earnings

We featured in our video PCLN Daily Bullish Chart Buy the Dip Sell the Rip on 2/11/2012.

We also put Priceline as a highlighted stock in the video “Stocks to Watch & Trade 2012” over 1 month ago

Priceline sells for 21 times this year’s expected earnings and is projected by Wall Street to increase its earnings by 23% a year over the next five years.

Shares move a good amount intraday and are excellent long trades and excellent short trades at the right support and resistance levels. Priceline shares continue to be a favor of “mutual fund” managers, hedge fund managers, and short sellers.

Keep a close eye on the weekly and monthly resistance levels and hit the shares short when they fail to move higher at these key levels.

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