TrueCrypt Alternatives, Raspberry Pi FAX, FiiO EX1 Earbuds vs. PURO IEM 500, Find Win10 Product Key!

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Replacing TrueCrypt: Has the TrueCrypt audit been finished? Is it safe? If not, what software can I use to encrypt my files??? Are the replacements like VeraCrypt any good???? Shannon walks you through the TrueCrypt audit, (LifeHacker has a great summary), VeraCrypt, aka the heir to TrueCrypt, and some common alternatives such as BitLocker, (and, thanks to a heads up from Lifehacker) 7-Zip!

3 Things You Can Stick In Your Ears: We review FiiO’s EX1 Nanotech Titanium Diaphragm In-Ear Monitors and PURO’s 9 IEM500 earbuds, along with MDHearingAid’s FIT low cost hearing aid.

Consumer Reports Article on buying hearing aids }}

Top 5 iOS9 Features? Better battery life, more space on your drive, multitasking… we’ve got a ton of reasons we’re looking forward to installing iOS 9!

Why Not Haswell-E? Matthew, aka @ThatActuallyGuy tweeted “@patricknorton What’s making you wait for Skylake over Haswell-E, isn’t HW-E better suited for video work/gaming due to 6-cores/more PCIe?” Patrick has anwers in the video!

Smanos HD WiFi Camera Update: Smanos sent Shannon a fresh HD WiFi camera to test (the one they sent with the W100 WiFi alarm system we tested failed.) It worked… but still has a ton of issues. Watch the video to find out what they are.

Raspberry Pi Windows XP Fax? CasSandra writes: ”Interested in using a Pi to replace my desktop running WinXP (don’t laugh). Its set up specifically for using WinFax and isn’t online unless I send a fax. But it’s still in a tower, where I could have more space with a Pi. Can the Pi run WinXP?” No XP on Pi, but we’ve got Raspberry Pi FAX ideas in the video!

New Drive in Windows 10? We got a few emails from folks who HAVE installed a new drive in their Windows 10 system…. find out if a new HD or SSD will bork your Windows 10 install in the video!!!

Do Something Analog: like discover local plants and animals!!!
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20 thoughts on “TrueCrypt Alternatives, Raspberry Pi FAX, FiiO EX1 Earbuds vs. PURO IEM 500, Find Win10 Product Key!

  1. Don't trust "secret algorithms" and secret source code. If it cannot be peer reviewed or you cannot verify that it was implemented accurately or honestly, you are taking a risk. The government is not as good at breaking complex encryption as people think. It's very time and resource consuming. They need a backdoor, flaw, or careless use to pull it off.

    Even if people use the latest and greatest encryption available, 9/10 of them use it improperly or don't practice good security discipline anyway.

    Encryption will keep your neighbors out of your information, and that is all most people care about. If you are really paranoid, I put out a video about how to do it more securely.

  2. The Riverest Shameir Algorithm is completely secure as it is not easy to factor large values of N So letting people have RSA(P,N) will not compromise your your key RSA(S,N)

  3. LOVE my Etymotic ER-4Ps and haven't found anything I like more. Anyone have any experience with Etymotic's hearing aids?

  4. Steve Gibson still trusts Truecrypt. If it's good enough for Gibson, it's good enough for me. That said, thanks for all your research and info.

  5. Glad to see you touching on the issue of hearing and hearing aids on this show, though I know it's a bit out of your usual area. On a related note; as a hard of hearing viewer is there any possibility of getting TekThing episodes subtitled/captioned in future? It would sure make life a bit easier for the likes of myself when watching.

  6. sorry to bother you but what is that "EEF5204D6A" that appears for a second when Darren talks in this video?

  7. Just contributed thru patreon… how/where do I access your other vids? Is there a nice spot to access EVERYTHING? Including these youtube vids?

  8. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Windows10 key from the free upgrade is not unique. You have to do an upgrade of Windows 10 in order to register the hardware configuration with MS. Only after doing that can you do a clean install via the free upgrade. The only version of Windows10 that still requires keys are the purchased oner OEM, Retail etc.

  9. I can hear you now!
    Patrick – I feel you pain waiting for the Skylake. As soon as the i7 is available at a good price the plan is to upgrade my system that has a 1st gen core i7.

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